Huawei Watch Fit

One of the biggest perks of using a smartwatch is to be able to be a self-assessment tool on the go. With the number of options in the market, I’m personally looking for a smartwatch that pretty much contains everything you’d need for a wearable without weighing it like a brick. The Huawei Watch Fit is the brand’s contender in this arena and here’s my experience with the smartwatch.


The Watch Fit comes with straps, in graphite black, mint green, and cantaloupe orange (online exclusive). It’s a full-screen display with 1.64″ AMOLED that supports slide and touch gestures. The screen’s resolution is set to 456 x 280 HD and has a side button that you will be using a lot. The case is using a durable polymer fiber. So visually, this means that even if the Watch Fit feels like it can easily break with its small build, it’s basically compact and well built.

I have actually accidentally hit the watch accidentally (yeah) during my time with it and I’m surprised that it wasn’t scratched up.

You can barely feel the phone on your wrist with the Watch Fit clocking at around 21g in weight. This is important, most especially for someone like me who’s looking for a smartphone that fits my fitness needs but it doesn’t feel like I’m carrying wrist weights.

Furthermore, the Watch Fit looks simple but pretty elegant. You can get away wearing the Watch Fit even in formal events. Since it’s small and can easily visually forgettable if you are wearing long sleeves.


The Huawei Watch Fit contains around 12 quick workout animations. This means that the watch has 12 built-in exercise routines that you can use immediately. These animations are easily accessible on the watch itself so that you can pretty much insert these short workouts especially if you’re looking to move around in-between breaks. Said animations are done in such a way that you can easily follow them on the screen itself without any problems.

Aside from the 12 built-in exercise routines, the Watch Fit also has 96 workout modes that you can easily browse from the watch itself. These modes can help you track the amount of burned calories (obviously). The workout modes include staples such as outdoor/indoor running/walking, plus a cycling tracker. On top of these modes, the Watch Fit has 85 modes such as sports workout modes which include Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis, Bowling, Baseball, Softball, Beach Soccer, and Beach Volleyball, Sepak Takraw, and even Dodgeball. There are also fun workout modes such as Street Dance, Martial Arts, Hula Hoop, Darts, Archery, and Frisbee to name a few. There are also indoor workout modes such as HIIT, Aerobics, Cross Fit, Yoga, and Pilates as some of the choices.

There’s also a Heart Rate, Sp02, Sleep, Stress, and Breathing exercises tracker built in the Watch Fit. This is on top of the other staple smartwatch features such as find your phone, flashlight, alarms, Stopwatch, Timer, and Weather reports. You can also set your notifications and see it on your Watch Fit. You can also control your music player on the Watch Fit along with the remote shutter of your paired phone.

Most of the smartwatch features are accessible and customizable via phone through the Huawei Health App. The app helps you manage and record your exercise records, heart rate, sleep, weight, stress, and SpO2 levels which the Watch Fit tracks. For this review, I have connected the Watch Fit to my personal Huawei P30 Pro unit, so it’s expected that the features and changes are seamless. I currently don’t have a diff. phone to test the Watch Fit with so experience may vary on other non-Huawei phones.

You can also change the watch face of the smartwatch via the Health App. Currently, you can either get the free or the paid versions (mostly around ₱19.99)

Battery Life

Huawei reports that the Watch Fit is able to operate for up to ten (10) days on typical usage, and seven (7) days on heavy usage. This isn’t surprising since the Watch Fit is using a 180 mAh battery. And based on weeks of usage on the thing, the reported operation time checks out both on typical and heavy usage. This is pretty solid considering that there are other smartwatches that require constant charging which is pretty tedious.

Huawei Watch Fit Charger
The Watch Fit’s included charger

Charging time meanwhile is around an hour so the turnover from charging to usage isn’t that much which is a plus for a smartwatch.

Tech Specs

Here’s a rundown of the tech specs of the Watch Fit.

Huawei Watch Fit Specs Sheet
Style & Colour
  • Black, Graphite Black Silicone Strap
  • Silver, Mint Green Silicone Strap
  • Rose Gold, Cantaloupe Orange Silicone Strap (online exclusive)
Dimensions (L × W × H)
  • 46×30×10.7mm
Weight (not including strap)
  • Approximately 21g
  • durable polymer materials
  • Material: Silicone
    Width: 20 mm (after the strap is fully loosened)
  • Length:
    • Standard model: The long strap is about 120 mm and the short one is approx. 80 mm.
    • Short model(Sakura Pink Silicone Strap): The long strap is about 102 mm and the short one is approx. 80 mm. (only Sakura Pink Silicone Strap  )
      Wrist circumference: 130–210 mm(Standard model),110-190mm(Short model)
  • AMOLED color screen
  • Resolution: 456 x 280 pixels
  • Size: 1.64 inches
  • PPI 326
Battery Capacity
  • Typical value at 180 mAh
Charging Time
  • about 65 minutes (under 25°C ambient temperatures)
Memory Capacity
  • 4GB
  • DK3.5+ST
Positioning System
  • 6-axis IMU sensor (Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor)
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Capacitive sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • 2.4 GHz, BT5.0, BLE
  • Full-screen touch + side button
  • Not Supported
Water Resistance Level
  • 5ATM
Operating Temperature
  • Ambient operating temperature: -10℃–+45℃
Firmware update
  • Device upgrade through OTA
Standby time
  • Typical usage: 10 days
    • Huawei TruSleep is enabled, Heart rate monitoring is enabled. The screen is checked briefly 200 times per day, 50 messages, 3 calls, and 3 alarms reminding in 24 hours, and workout for 30 minutes per week.
  • Heavy usage: 7 days
    • Huawei TruSleep is enabled, Heart rate monitoring is enabled. The screen is checked briefly 500 times per day, 50 messages, 3 calls, and 3 alarms reminding in 24 hours, and workout for 60 minutes per week.
  • GPS mode: 12 hours
  • Fast charging: last through the whole day with 5 minutes charging

For a more detailed rundown, you can head to the official site here.


The Huawei Watch Fit gives fitness-focused techy users a lot more options in smartwatches since it pretty much contains everything you’d be looking for in a smartwatch and then some. With chock-full of features such as its battery life, quick workout animations, and its built-in GPS, the Watch Fit pretty much contains whatever Huawei‘s premium smartwatch, the Watch GT2 (based on experience) provides, albeit in a lighter, affordable (SRP is ₱4,999), more compact design.

So if you’re looking for a smartwatch that can also double as your not-too-shabby fitness buddy, then the Huawei Watch Fit is just for you.

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