Vivo V11’s Newest photography AI

Vivo Philippines has annouunced that the new Vivo 11 is equipped with new AI technology in photography that can adjust its settings according to the photo conditions and subjects. It will also enhance shooting speed and photo quality in backlit situations and guide users to produce professional-style results.

  • AI Face Shaping helps to beautify the subject. Using its AI face-modelling algorithm, V11 is capable of analyzing 2D images and recreating a 3D model and make natural looking adjustments. It adds individual treatments to the nose, mouth and eyes. As a result, users will look absolutely stunning in each of their photos, without the over-processed look of other beautification solutions.
  • AI Selfie Lighting now offers more lighting effects with an AI algorithm that understand how the user’s face interacts with light in 3D. It then adds artistic lighting effects to give you the cover shot look you’ve been striving for.
  • AI Backlight HDR uses an AI algorithm to capture up to 6 frames at a wide dynamic range of up to 11ev, correcting uneven exposures, and merging them to create perfectly exposed photos.
  • AI Low Light Mode uses an AI algorithm to capture up to six images and intelligently combines them into one. By capturing more details and reducing noise in low light situations, it makes it much easier to take stunning, clear, bright photographs with a simple focus and snap. 

The V11 uses AI Scene Recognition to detect and adapt to 18 tags so you take the perfect shot automatically every time. Just point and shoot – the camera will identify different objects, elements, and scenes such as ‘night’, ‘portrait’, or ‘food’ to apply specially customized enhancements.

Jovi, Vivo’s AI Assistant, learns to understand you, making your life easier, smarter, and simpler. It is tasked to deliver a tailored user experience. Jovi learns to provide the best services to you at the time you need them with features including Jovi Smart Scene, Google Lens, and Google Assistant. V11’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE processor, 6GB RAM, and 128GB ROM ensure a smooth yet powerful AI user experience.