The Trailer for the Upcoming Duck Tales Remake is Looking Really Good!

If you’re still not on board with the upcoming Disney remake of the beloved 90’s cartoon series Duck Tales, Disney XD releases the latest trailer for the remake, which you can see below.

The trailer was released about 15 hours ago by the Disney Television Animation News youtube channel and so far has garnered about 159k views.

We were given a first look into the redesigned Huey (voiced by Danny Pudi, Dewey (Ben Schwartz), Louie (Bobby Moynihan) and Webby Vanderquack (Kate Micucci). And so far we are given a look of David Tennant‘s take on Scrooge McDuck, which I am loving a lot and even Beck Bennett‘s version of Launchpad McQuack.

As for the timeline, it seems that Scrooge is now a “has been” as the triplets meet him for the first time. And Donald, seems to have lost his “fire” as we were given a glimpse that he used to be one of the most famous adventurer out there.

So far though I am pretty psyched with the trailer since the trailer carries the feel of the old series. The animation style on the otherhand reminds me of Gravity Falls, which is not a bad choice given that the popularity of the art style has made GF one of the best animation shows in recent history. I also love that we are now given a more unique look at the triplets in Duck Tales timeline (not the Quack Pack).

I’m now more psyched for the upcoming remake! Are you?