The Star Trek Alternate Timeline Now Has an Official Name!

Yeah, you read that right. The Abramverse version of this Star Trek timeline now has an “official” name. However, the title didn’t come from either Abrams himself. Instead this name comes from the still alive Star Trek MMO, Star Trek Online.

In the blog post concerning the Agents of Yesterday update. The world of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, is now officially called the “Kelvin Timeline”.

iO9 reports that the timeline is also courtesy of the Michael and Denise Okuda. As you can see in this series of tweets:



For those who don’t know the Okudas (like me), turns out the couple are the are the authors or co-authors of almost every Star Trek reference in existence.

On a more personal note, this makes things easier whenever I write about anything related to the alternate Kirk timeline. I would’ve preferred to have known this little bit of info before I finished the Star Trek Beyond review though.

Share your thoughts on the matter in our comments section! I’d like to hear from you guys! Do you like the new name? Or even the new movies at all?