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realme Buds Q2s

realme has recently released their newest addition to earbuds models with the budget version of the realme Buds Q2, the realme Buds Q2s. During my review, I was able to enjoy realme‘s newest earbuds not only as a daily commute partner, but also my hands-free listening device while I do my daily chores.


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Out of the box the realme Buds Q2s look adorable in it’s half transparent charging case. It’s like the helmet of My Hero Academia‘s Space Hero: Thirteen. What I liked about the case is that even if it’s transparent, it’s not a finger print magnet.

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There’s nothing else to write home about since except that the case has a USB Type-C port for charging and a light indicator for battery status.


The buds can easily connect with any Bluetooth enabled smart phone or laptop. While you have the option to connect natively via the Bluetooth feature, you can also connect via the realme Link app.

The app provides more features for your ear buds. Such as, gesture assignments, battery life for both ear buds. You can also toggle between three modes (Bass Boost, Balanced, and Bright) as well.

Sound Quality

During my testing of the ear buds, the realme Buds Q2s the first thing that I noticed was the bass. It hits your ears like a truck. Regardless if it’s watching a series online or listening to podcasts or playing games. The bass hits in such a way that it’s made for people who really want their bass to sound strong. Don’t expect better vocals or instrumentals on the buds.

In terms of the quality of sounds in games, the buds work beautifully. This is more emphasized most if you’re playing games that require you to listen for movement like PUBGM or CODM. The sound quality doesn’t change much for Moba games like Wild Rift, since the buds work like you’re listening to normal music or audio. You need to lower down the volume however as the default setting does play a bit loud out of the box.

Using the buds and linking it with the realme Link app doesn’t really do much. While you can switch between Bass Boost, Balanced, and Bright, the hardware the realme Buds Q2s doesn’t provide enough power for you to maximize all three. In fact, if you want a more refined audio experience it’s better to go for Bright mode instead of balanced. Bass Boost on the other hand only makes the already strong bass stronger and that’s practically it.

Battery Life and charging

realme touts that the buds a 30 hours total playback, with a standby time of up to 60 hours. The ear buds also carry a 480mAh battery. 40 mAh for the earbuds and 400mAh for the charging case.

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During my review experience I’ve been able to squeeze in a total of 7 hours of use per charge and 30 hours total including the case. I used the buds on medium volume while playing games and listening to music and YT videos.

In Conclusion

The realme Buds Q2s is a great set of earbuds for it’s price. It provides solid audio quality that won’t break the bank. Of course for a ₱1,036 (or ₱1,490 original price), It’s not for those who are looking for a little more oomp or quality in their ear buds. But if you’re like me, a normie who just wants his bassy anime music while doing chores and work. Then the realme Buds Q2s is the right fit.

realme Buds Q2s Review Header Image
realme Buds Q2s
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