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Then I saw it work, now I’m a believer

I must admit right here that I was a big doubter of liquid screen protectors. I mean, how can a small dot of this formula protect my phone’s screen from the abuse it takes when it’s inside my pocket while commuting. Sad to say, as much as I try to protect my phone from my pocket’s abuse, it still gets beat up a lot.

Here come’s Nanofixit Liquid Screen Protector, which I got last September of last year. For proof you can check my post below:

Ever since then, I used the liquid Screen Protector on my Huawei Nova 5T that I also reviewed. And for the four months of so of use (because I lost my Nova 5T last December, looooooong story, I don’t want to get into it) I was happily surprised that my doubts were unfounded and that the phone didn’t get any scratch during the four months it was with me.

Of course, this was also due to the me taking steps in keeping my screen safe during the four (4) month period. This means that I made sure that I didn’t put my phone, keys, and loose change in the same pocket. But that’s something I really don’t do myself even with the regular screen protectors cause I really didn’t want to spend another 300500 php to get another matte screen.

What you can get out of the box

Application is also easier with liquid protectors compared to the typical ones. Before, I used to just rely on the sellers to put in the protecters on the phones themselves with various results. But with Nanofixit I was able to easily spread the whole formula on the screen in less than a minute. I was actually a bit doubtful with my first attempt in putting the formula on the screen that I did it a second time to “double coat” the screen.

With all the selling points for the Nanofixit Liquid Screen Protector, all I am able to test is the ff:

    • Ultra scratch resistant – so far so good
    • Water repellent – yep definitely
    • Easy to apply – 100% the truth (that even a klutz like me can apply it without much help)

Meanwhile, the claim of enhances camera resolution is something I wasn’t really able to see during the four months so that’s something that you have to see for yourself. And I don’t have the capacity to test the reduces cell phone radiation feature so that’s also something you can test for yourself (if you can that is).


The Nanofixit Liquid Screen Protector is a product that I came in as a doubter but I ended up as a believer. It is a bit pricey with a 1,700 php price tag but it’s worth every drop. Since you can get an average of 20 drops per bottle, people who have a lot of screens that requires protection can easily find this a product worth buying.

Writer’s Note: I was given a bottle of the product for this review. You can text the number 09065215458 to order and get the Nanofixit at 1,200 php instead + shipping fee of the usual price and use the code, DAGEEKS10 (up until January 12 only).

Nanofixit Liquid Screen Protector
Ease of Application100%
Price Range85%
Promise Delivered90%
The Good
  • It delivers with the scratch proof promise
  • Easy application
  • You can use on a lot of screens
The Bad
  • A bit pricey for a screen protector
92%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (0 Votes)
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