MSI Bags Best of Innovation Honorees During CES 2021

What a great start of the year to our friends at MSI as they receive 15 awards across 3 categories where their new range of products was named Best of Innovation Honorees.

We are thrilled to have been named so many CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honorees. These products deliver the highest in quality, performance, and innovation across our comprehensive lineup. Being honored for these prestigious awards confirm our commitment to excellence and we are pleased to receive this acknowledgment.

Said Sam Chern, MSI Marketing Vice President.

The entire lineup will be announced soon and includes:

MAG Trident S

Award Categories: Gaming, Computer Hardware & Components

  • The MAG Trident S is a compact gaming PC that will fit any space and design in your household. Looks of a console with the power of a desktop.

Optix MPG321QRF

Award Category: Gaming

This gaming monitor is packed with smart features like Adaptive Brightness 2.0, Night Vision AI, Smart RGB and AI Crosshair to provide gamers with a technological advantage.

Optix MPG341QR

Award Category: Gaming

This 34-inch gaming monitor provides an ultra-wide experience with an IPS panel @ 1440p resolution. It has 144Hz and 1ms response time for that tear-free experience and reduced input lag. It also has the smart features of the previously mentioned monitor like Adaptive Brightness 2.0, Night Vision, Smart RGB, AI Crosshair and OptixScope.

Optix MAG163

Award Category: Computer Peripherals & Accessories

If you’re a professional on-the-go and need a portable monitor that delivers all the goods, the MAG163 is a slim 5mm display that has a 1080p IPS panel. Perfect for professionals and gamers alike.

GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING x TRIO

Award Category: Computer Hardware & Components

Step-up your gaming experience with MSI‘s popular Gaming series with its tri-fan design that keeps it cool and quiet.


Award Category: Computer Hardware & Components

Take your AMD to build to the next level with the UNIFY-X as your foundation. Built with overclocking and efficiency in mind.


Award Categories: Gaming, Computer Hardware & Components

If you’re on the blue side of the fence, take your next Intel to build to the next level with the MEG Z490 GODLIKE motherboard designed for maximum performance.

Summit E15

Award Category: Computer Hardware & Components

The ultimate business laptop in MSI‘s arsenal. The Summit E15 focuses on security and reliability that delivers serious horsepower. It’s engineered with TPM 2.0, a hardware-based security module designed to secure and protect your hardware.

Summit E16 Flip

Award Category: Computer Hardware & Components

For the creative professional that needs flexibility, the E16 Flip is lightweight and thin but packs a serious punch thanks to Intel‘s latest 11th Gen processors and GTX discrete GPUs. Perfect for running 3D software, design programs, and other creative apps.

GS76 Stealth

Award Category: Gaming

Bringing portable gaming to a whole new dimension. The GS76 Stealth offers top of the line performance and a premium gaming experience. Equipped with the latest Intel CPUs paired with the latest NVIDIA GPUs, the GS76 Stealth’s 360Hz display is sure to blow your socks off.


Award Category: Computer Peripherals & Accessories

The MSI Pen takes sketching to a whole new level. With features such as 7ms latency, tilt angles as low as 14 degrees, and pressure sensitivity and pinpoint accuracy, the MSI Pen becomes an extension of its user.

Stay tuned for more updates on MSI‘s award-winning products. Hopefully, we get to try out some of this tech!

So congratulations MSI for winning the Best of Innovation Honorees!