Kingston 2021 Mini Cow USB

In a world where USBs are still a commodity even with cloud storage. It’s going to be a battle of gimmicks and features. Kingston throws in the USB arena with the limited edition Kingston 2021 Mini Cow USB.

Features and Build

The Kingston 2021 Mini Cow USB is set to 64GB memory with a promise of 100MB/s Read speed (for USB 3.0 ports). Its total dimension is around 43.16mm x 28.96mm x 27.31mm. It even has its own case. A plastic “Milk Bottle” like case that encloses the USB while the USB itself is integrated on the cow’s snout.

The cow serves both as part of its design and the USB’s protective cover. It’s shock-resistant and the cow’s tail also serves as the Key Ring hole.

SRP and Availability

The Kingston 2021 Mini Cow USB costs ₱1,150 and can be bought at the Kingston Lazada and Shopee stores. No other design or capacities are available.


For a USB that costs ₱1,150, the memory capacity is somewhat lacking. And people can just find a cheaper alternative and if you’re a bit patient enough, you can even find cuter USBs with higher capacity out there.

However, what those cheaper alternatives don’t have is the Kingston security in terms of build, and stability. And the mini USB is a great example of a cute but securely functional USB. You can even say that it’s so dependable it can be a COWsistent part of your life.