Get to Win Your Own Zenfone 3 By Joining Asus’ Directed By You Contest

So Asus is doing a contest that let’s people submit their short stories and that may have the chance of becoming an ad that used entirely with a Zenfone 3.

Here’s a rundown of the overview of the contest and the mechanics:

The “Directed By You” contest will involve fans submitting short stories that will be assembled into a complete plot for three video ads that will be produced by groups of professional filmmakers and artists and shot entirely using the ZenFone 3.

“We cannot wait to see the creativity and humor of our fans that will result from this contest,” said Erik Hermanson, Head of Mobile Brand and Marketing, ASUS. “It will be an interesting and entertaining international ‘social experiment’ to see the diversity of ideas,” he concluded.


Participation: To help create the new series of ZenFone 3 video ads, participants from the Philippines and other selected participating countries are advised to follow these instructions:

  1. Visit the “Directed By You”: website
  2. For a period of three weeks starting from November 8th 2016, participants can submit story ideas with two conditions: stories must be kept within a 200 character limit and must contain a “daily key word” that relates to the topic of the week.

Weekly topics: Each video ad in the series will focus on a key topic regarding the ZenFone 3 and will be composed of stories contributed from a single week. The three topics are photography, entertainment and gaming.


Daily Prize: A ZenFone 3 will be given as a daily prize for the best entry of the day

User generated video ad: In addition to winning a ZenFone 3, the participants who submit the best entries of each day will have their ideas turned into a curated storyline and turned into the plot for a video ad that will be created by groups of prominent influencers who will either direct or act in them.


Fan Ideas brought to life with a ZenFone 3

To bring the fans’ stories to life, three teams of highly experienced and influential international creative professionals will dedicate their talents to producing the final video ad for each week. These directors, artists and actors were selected based on their respective expertise for each week’s focus topic, and have large groups of followers of their work.

Week 1: Photography – The first week’s video ad focusing on Photography will be created by multi award-winning Indian photographer Ritesh Uttamchandani and Varun Chopra, a talented independent cinematographer-director who was the youngest Indian director to feature at Cannes and is now based in Los Angeles. To learn more about them, please visit their websites:

Ritesh Uttamchandani:

Varun Chopra:

Week 2: Entertainment – The second week’s Entertainment focused video ad will be created by the prolific Barcelona-based group of directors, MANSON with acting talents from French comedian Dycosh. MANSONspecializes in both animation and live action videos, and his group has a list of famous clients that include leading vodka distillers Absolut, British designer Alexander McQueen, internet service company Google Play, and Spanish auto maker Seat. The video ad will be collaboratively created with Dycosh who has a YouTube channel that has achieved over 11 million views for its hilarious skits. To learn more about them, please visit their websites:

MANSON Studios:

Dycosh: /

Week 3: Gaming – The final week’s Gaming focused video ad will be created by multi-award winning Thai ad director Jan Mantanakorn who is renowned in her industry for plot-driven, storytelling ads. Her well-known clients include Honda, Shiseido and Unilever. Helping to bring this Gaming video ad to life will be Filipino-Canadian singer, songwriter, actor and comedian, Mikey Bustos who is also famous for having appeared on singing contest show Canadian Idol in 2003. To learn more about them, please visit their websites:

Jan Mantanakorn:

Mikey Bustos: