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Vertux Vendetta Keyboard/Mouse Combo

There are a variety of peripherals that you can connect to the PC. The most basic ones are the keyboard and the mouse. Everyone uses it, professionals, gamers, casual users, you name it. Some may prefer the high-end stuff, while others are content with just the entry level parts that you can buy almost anywhere.

But you’re here for the geeky stuff. Vertux Philippines sent us some of their accessories to review and we’re here to tell you all about it. Vertux is a brand mainly aimed at the gaming market. The branding made me look twice as it looked like that one gaming brand. But Vertux peripherals aims to set the bar with its peripherals not costing an arm and a bitcoin.

For this article, we’re going to take a look at the Vertux Vendetta, which is an ergonomic keyboard and mouse bundle with programmable macro keys.

Vertux Vendetta Review KB Mouse


Daring to look bold and aggressive, the Vertux design DNA is more on the out-of-this-world vibe. They don’t want to give you a rectangle peripheral with keys to mash. The Vendetta’s keyboard looks straight out of a sci-fi film with its edgy appearance, literally. It’s an all-plastic keyboard with rubber feet and it’s pretty light. It’s not a mechanical keyboard but the rubber dome keys on this feels pretty good to type on. I know there are still people who prefer the rubber dome experience, and I’m pretty sure they’ll love this.

Vertux Vendetta Review Keyboard Front

It’s a standard 104-button keyboard with 3 extra programmable macro keys. The board has RGB lighting with 9 modes, unfortunately, these are set modes and are not customizable. There are no dedicated media keys but they are on the second layer of the F keys, meaning you’ll have to press the Fn button and then the corresponding F button of the media control you wish to press. Same goes with choosing a lighting effect and recording a macro. There are legends on the keys as to its secondary function, again, activated by the Fn button. If RGB is not your thing, you can also turn them off with the “bulb” key beside the Fn key.

Vertux Vendetta Review Media Keys

Vertux Vendetta Review Numpad

While the keyboard in this bundle is solidly built, I can’t say the same for the mouse that comes with it. The Vendetta’s gaming mouse has on-the-fly DPI adjustment and 2 additional buttons, and that’s about it. I find the 2 side buttons, very hard to press. It may be just with the product sent to us, or if you have any experience with this mouse, do tell us in the comments below. The RGB on the thumb rest and mouse wheel seems poorly implemented as it’s not consistent with the color and the level of lighting.

Vertux Vendetta Review RGB

Vertux Vendetta Review Mouse Top


There is none, at least from Vertux. I tried contacting Vertux about their software since the Vertux Vendetta datasheet claims that the mouse has 6 programmable buttons, and they responded that I can use XMBC, which is a software that you can use with just about any mouse. The macro keys on the keyboard are programmed via the keyboard itself, so it’s something that’s really not that user-friendly without any UI to see what it actually does.

Vertux Vendetta Review Mouse DPI Button

Here’s the steps if you want to bind macros to the macro keys (G1, G2, G3)

  1. Press Fn+ PRTSC keys together to begin recording the macro
  2. Enter the key combinations as required
  3. Press the Macro key (G1, G2 or G3) to record the macro on the given key
  4. Press Fn+ PRTSC keys together again to end the recording

Vertux Vendetta Review Macro Keys

User Experience

I’ve tried gaming and casual use with the Vertux Vendetta. Overall, the experience was pleasant and it did what it’s supposed to do. I was surprised as it had a clicky feedback despite being a membrane keyboard. The only gripe I have with the mouse is the on-the-fly DPI switch. It has 4 configurations and has no indicator on which setting you’re currently at. So you’ll have to base by feel to see what setting you’re on, which is not ideal in a fast-paced setting like an FPS or a MOBA game or any esports title out there. When it comes to customizability, you’re limited as like I said, there’s no software available to customize keybinds, lighting and mouse sensitivity settings. The anti-ghosting keys work pretty well as the most commonly used keys for gaming are optimized. The media controls are easy to get used to. The keyboard is solidly built, while the mouse can do with a little improvement with the keys and LEDs.

Vertux Vendetta Review Mouse Side Buttons


Vertux gives 2 years warranty for all their products and is a solid starter set if you’re on the market on upgrading your basic keyboard and mouse set. I find the price a bit too high for ₱1,795 for the Vertux Vendetta, since you can get a solid keyboard and mouse bundle from other brands at the same price range. Other than that, if you like the aesthetics, go for it,  but I suggest you look around the Vertux official stores online and look for other products as they offer a wide variety of peripherals.

You can purchase Vertux products from their official stores:

If you have any inquiries, you can message them in their Facebook page, Vertux Philippines

Vertux Vendetta Review Cover Photo
Vertux Vendetta Keyboard/Mouse Combo
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Ergonomic design
Clicky feedback
On-the-fly DPI adjustment
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Button quality on the mouse
Inconsistent RGB lighting
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