Eight ESGS 2018 Booths Supported By MSI

Tech authority MSI lends a hand to the following booths at the Electronic Sports and Games Summit (ESGS) 2018:

Project Xandata

MSI‘s high-performance hardware and the fast-paced game makes Secret 6‘s Free Play booth a hit with the crowd. Visitors can also have the opportunity to take home MSI merchandise.


One of the world’s leading names in audio input and output flaunt their gaming line in their quaint corner of the event area.


Their highly-regarded PC peripherals such as mouses, webcams, and keyboards are on display and on sale here.

Rumble Royale

This booth that mimics a streamer’s bedroom is actually a functional one! They will be catering to streamers such as Suzzysaur, Kang Dupet, GLOCO Gaming, and more!


The network proves they have game with their booth, with their multiple gaming setups, as well as game with providing their network service.


AOC Monitors showcases their line of high-definition screens worthy for gamers, even putting up a giant display made up of all their screens!


Known as WESG‘s screen provider, they’re showcasing their equipment in their booth as well as on the stage!


You can check out their best and newest gear, and fill up their booth passport to get freebies.

Be sure to drop by these booths when you go to ESGS, you’ll never know what freebies and deals you can get!