Beyond the Box May Featured Product: Evo Endurance Charging Case

Iphone users who want to have their phones charged and protected from falls, Tech 21‘s Evo Endurance Charging Case, Beyond the Box’ May Product Feature may be the case you are looking for.

The Evo Endurance Charging Case battery can provide your device with up to 60% extra charge—with just one touch of a button. And with its FlexShock™ technology, the case is designed to shield your device from hair-raising impacts of up to two meters in height.

Non-flammable, with promises of no heat emission and zero leakage of toxic chemicals, the case boasts that it is ultra-safe, light, thin, and provides precise access to all the ports and function buttons of your device, guaranteeing a seamless mobile experience with iPhone protection minus the bulk.

The Evo Endurance Charging Case comes in two types: The standard Evo Endurance Charging Case and it’s Xplorer Variant. The case is made for the Iphone 6 and 6s versions.

The Endurance Charging Case aside from providing 60% extra charge, the 1800mAh Lithium Ceramic battery is ultra – safe and does not suffer from overheating, toxic battery leaks, and is non – flammable. The case also features the same Advanced Impact Protection technology found in all Tech21 cases, keeping your phone powered up and protected 24 / 7.

The Evo Xplorer Case on the other hand, has ruggedized impact – protection design which safeguards your phone against the elements: waterproof up to 9.9 ft. / 3m. for up to an hour, and completely sealed from dirt, mud, and other destructive debris. It also surrounds your iPhone with FlexShock making it compact, lightweight, and shockproof for up to 6.6ft.

The Evo Endurance Charging Case is priced at 4,650php at all Beyond the Box branches nationwide. You can find more information at the Beyond the Box main site or the Beyond the Box Fanpage. And since this is this month’s Featured Product for Beyond the box you get a 10% for these charging cases for the whole month of May.