Beyond the Box Creates a Comic Book Compilation with Manix Abrera, Harvey Tolibao and Mervin Malonzo

In the hopes to highlight the local comic book artists and the wonderful marriage between comic book artwork and technology. Apple premium reseller Beyond the Box brought together three of the country’s most respected and well-known comic artists to create a comic book compilation using the iPad Pro.

Titled as Beyond, the comic book compilation is a collaboration between Dan Matutina, graphic designer and co-founder of Plus63 Design Co. and Charles Paw, CEO of Digits Trading Inc.

The three comic artists were tasked to bring something creative to the theme of “Beyond”. An ode to Beyond the Box’ mission to inspire Filipinos to push their creativity through the use of modern technology.

Here’s a short synopsis of the three works:

Tunguhin: Manix Abrera

Tunguhin Image DAGeeks

Manix Abrera‘s Tunguhin documents an anonymous character’s voyage through a black and white abstract world. A silent comic, it provides a blank canvas for readers to determine and create their own interpretations of the narrative.

TERRORIUM: Mervin Malonzo


Malonzo and Adam David’s TERRORIUM is a story about the days after the world has ended, not with bombs or tnaks or guns, but in violent outgrowths of carnivorous flowers. In this post-historic Earth, we follow Sanchez and Gonzales, two colonists assigned to find out what exactly happened to a major scientific expedition that has gone radio silent for two months. What does this new World Eden have in store for the human race, where the apple and the snake are one and the same?

Grimmer Trance: Harvey Tolibao

Grimmer Trance Image DAGeeks

A mysterious woman named Aida hires a misfit band of specially-equipped and powered agents to investigate a deserted island infested with beings dubbed the “Afflicted”. Tensions rise as each of the characters come face to face with both physical and psychological monsters in Harvey Tolibao‘s action-packed and adventure-driven Grimmer Trance.

The compilation will be launched and sold during AsiaPOP Comicon this weekend at a price of 350 PHP. You can also have the chance of them getting it signed by the artists during the 3-day event.

For more info you can head to the Beyond the Box fanpage.