Be Sorted into the North American Wizarding School, Ilvermorny

J.K. Rowling is back to form with her latest creation focusing on the backstory of the formation of the North American Wizarding School, Ilvermorny.

Pottermore, the digital home, and e-publishing of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling‘s wizarding world hosts the backstory of Isolt Sayre. One of the founders of Ilvermorny. The story narrates a series of tragedies that was set for her that eventually lead to building one of the greatest wizarding schools in the wizarding community.

In a short intro seen below:

We get to see a snippet of the vast history of Ilvermorny has, and that like Hogwarts, has seen a lot of things since it’s founding.

Along with the release of the backstory of Ilvermorny. Pottermore is also hosting the Ilvermorny sorting. If you’re a Pottermore member already (like me) it’s basically the same thing as the Hogwarts sorting. So what you can expect is a series of questions that you’d have to answer and find out in the end to which of the four houses you belong to which are namely:┬áHorned Serpent, Pukwudgie, Thunderbird and Wampus. Names of mythical creatures found within the North American continent.

I’ve already taken my test and in a surprise, I belong to the Horned Serpent. The house which is more known for scholars and the one focusing on the mind.


The update on Ilvermorny is the company’s attempt to hype up the world that the upcoming Newt Scamander starred film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. ┬áThe movie chronicles one of Newt’s adventures in New York as the beasts that he was supposed to be taking care of escaped his custody.

You can see more in the trailer below:

If you don’t have a Pottermore account just yet, you can head to the page to start on your own adventure in the wizarding world. Also, please share which house you got sorted into at the comments below!