Acer Academy Partners with Southville IS in Launching AI and Mobile Application Specializations

Southville Inernational School and Colleges (SISC) has partnered with Acer to provide a widened scope for the school’s Information Technology (IT) course through the launch of its AI and Mobile application courses.

Students of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology can now opt to major in AI or mobile applications. The field of mobile applications for undergraduates can hone their skills in designing and hosting applications for gaming, entertainment and productivity.  On the other hand, students majoring in AI will tackle real-world projects that can provide solutions to today’s challenges. From handwriting/speech recognition to stock trading with neural networks, AI students will learn the skills that will be beneficial to organizations and to society.

Acer’s Computer Lab

Aside from adding tracks to its IT course, SISC has also intensified its faculty. Providing the students with quality AI skills and training is Professor Rex Wallen Tan, the sole holder of an AI masters degree in the Philippines.

The partnership with Acer Academy will have the company not only provide hardware and software services to promote digital classroom frameworks, but Acer Academy is also providing partner school with sponsorship grants and training for the participating faculty.

To know more about the program, you can head to the Southville site for more info.