VR Games Developer Shadow Factory Coming This ESGS 2018

If you’re attending the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit this year and a fan of VR games then you are in luck as Shadow Factory, developer of the newly released Steam VR Game, Hang Up will be present this coming ESGS 2018.

We constantly champion how VR can tell stories in entirely new ways. Hang Up was a really fun Game Jam experience for us. It allowed us to explore many things within very tight constraints, which led to this playful suspense narrative that we hope everyone will enjoy,

says Carlos Magno, Senior Copywriter for Shadow Factory and Storywriter for Hang Up.

According to Visual Designer, Kathryn Mann, who also voiced one of Hang Up’s characters,

It’s a fun, spooky, experimental VR game jam game! It’s creepy vibe and aesthetic is a labor of love from a group of sleep-deprived individuals whose only means of staying awake is to make it creepier. You can expect all the excitement of trying to uncover an intriguing mystery, with all the thrill of sitting at your desk!

Here’s the general overview for Hang Up

In Hang Up, players find themselves in a small room with a telephone switchboard. They must complete the correct cord circuits to connect calls. Plugging into the right jack allows them to listen in on conversations for a limited time. Each call reveals some unsettling secrets that make up a larger mystery. As the game progresses, the margin for error slims, and with more revelations come the greater risk of “getting caught”.

You can download the game at the steam store.