Ubisoft Releases Their Latest Musical Adventure, Ode

Ubisoft has announced one of their newest games last November 28, 2017. Ode, a game where players journey through the enchanting visuals and musical journey through the beautiful landscapes.

The game doesn’t offer any guides or tutorials, but encourages players to explore the world at their own pace, and wherever their curiosity may take them. Players will take control of Joy, and explore through 4 distinct musical gardens, and with the help of the musical plants will compose the background music of the garden. Players will also be collecting fallen stars in these gardens, which increases intensity at which players experience the game’s music and visuals.

Ode, created by Ubisoft Reflections, is now available worldwide on Uplay at 4.99 usd (around 250 php). For more information on Ode please check the Ubisoft website.