Tree of Savior F2P Announced and What it Means to Us Players

IMC Games has finally announced the date of the upcoming F2P release for Tree of Savior on it’s Facebook page yesterday. Instead of the announced Mid-May F2P launch, the servers will now go F2P on May 10th.

So what does this mean for the current players? Here are some of the things we have to be aware of and/or to look forward to:

Countdown for 50% Discount

Founders Exclusive Access

As announced prior to the delay of the F2P launch for ToS the countdown of the removal of the Founder’s Exclusive access is near. So if you’re planning on getting the new founder’s access discount then this would be the best time to do so.

It was also announced that the discounted DLCs will be discontinued before F2P itself.

Return of Regional Pricing

In the same announcement as the new DLC packs, we were informed that we will get back our Regional Pricing once F2P is in full swing.

These 50%-off DLC products will not take regional pricing into account as they will be discontinued before F2P and regional pricing implementation for the SA and SEA servers.

While we still have no clear word from IMC Games on how are they going to implement the regional pricing in the game or what would be the game’s business model. Either you get the DC’d Founder’s Server Exclusive Access DLC now before it disappears.

So here are some of the more prominent things that we can expect from Tree of Savior moving forward. Have I missed anything? What are your thoughts on these announcements? Sound them off in the comments section!