The Siege Invitational is Fast Approaching with the Road to S.I. Event

Ubisoft has announced that the Road to S.I. in-game event is back in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege on a brand-new map: Stadium. The event will take place every weekend (from Thursday to Sunday) from January 15th to the end of the Six Invitational on February 16 and comes with the first full Battle Pass for Rainbow Six Siege, which will contribute to the Six Invitational prize pool.

During this event, Operators will try to prove who’s the best of Six’s specialists on a new map: Stadium, a new map especially made for this competition. On this map, walls of bulletproof glass create new situations where you can see your opponents without being able to engage. Matches are Bomb matches with Pick and Ban, 3-minute rounds on a 3-round rotation. All operators will be available for all players on this playlist and six of the Competitors will be automatically equipped with their Road to S.I. gear: Blitz, Caveira, Hibana, Mozzie, Sledge, and Thermite.

For the duration of the event, the Road to S.I. 2020 Battle Pass will be available with one Free track and one Premium track. With 35 tiers on both tracks, it proposes a total of 48 rewards for the competitors, including the exclusive customization items available in the Road to S.I. game mode. The Premium pass is available for 1200 R6 Credits and the Premium Bundle that unlock the Premium pass and the first 12 tiers can be purchased for 2400 R6 Credits and each tier can be unlocked through playing the game or for 180 R6 Credits.

30% of revenue on this will go to the Six Invitational prize pool up to a maximum of $3,000,000 USD. Any surplus will be redistributed across other official Rainbow Six esports programs. More than just a tournament, the Six Invitational is the gathering of all fans, joining in celebrating the community with friends and the extended Siege family. The event will feature developer exclusive panels, fan artists, cosplayers and renowned content creators from the community.

To learn more about the Road to S.I., you can visit the official page.

More information on the Six Invitational 2020 is available in the Event Guide.

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