The Final Beta of Pearl Abyss’ Shadow Arena is Now Ongoing

Pearl Abyss‘ action battle royale game, Shadow Arena has entered it’s “final phase” of beta on Steam until April 20.

In Shadow Arena, 40 Heroes battle against each other in fierce, action-packed showdowns to become the final survivor. New content, such as a more sophisticated matching system, has been introduced to the final Beta to provide a higher level of gameplay for global players.

The game’s final beta brings in new AI matches that allow a maximum of 5 players to fight as allies against 40 AI opponents. There’s also a Normal Match mode where the game’s results are not recorded, is also available along with other additions including a new giant monster the Stoneback Crabs, and a Blessed Area, which will greatly increase a Hero’s HP regeneration.

Players who have signed up for a Beta key can receive a Premium Beta Key that will give them special in-game rewards. These rewards are the highest grade sealed items, such as the Matchlock and Red Dragon’s Offering.

Shadow Arean’s final beta means that Pearl Abyss is preparing to release the early access of Shadow Arena soon.

For more information on Shadow Arena, visit the official websiteDiscordFacebookYouTube, and Twitter.