RPG Returners Launches in Singapore

Nexon is releasing another free-to-play mobile game titled, Returners in the Singapore along with content updates for iOS and Android platforms.

  • Alice in Returners Land – Play as the whimsical yet persevering young Alice, who joins the fray bringing an inimitable set of skills acquired from her many misadventures exploring the colorful, fascinating and downright dangerous corners of Wonderland;
  • Free Rare Gear Draw – Visit the Shop every 24 hours for an opportunity to draw valuable and useful items for FREE. A total of 5 unique items are available, with a rare item drop rate the same as existing rare gear draws;
  • Compete in the Platinum League – Battle the world’s most elite players in the exclusive Platinum League. The new league offers formidable challenge; open only to masters in the top-10 bracket of the daunting Gold League, and who hold a combat power greater than 21,000.

You can check out the trailer below:

For more info, you can check the Returners official facebook page.