Rogue Life: Squad Goals Kingdoms of Defense Update Brings New Life to the Game

Rogue Life: Squad Goals gets tons of fixes and new gameplay features in the Kingdoms of Defense update. The feature which is now out in-game adds in a new arena and tons of challenges that would test your squad and your skills in-game. Basically it’s a 2-time a day battle that also ranks how well you did in game.

Going through the Kingdom of Defense allows you to net an upgrade stone that can be used to improve your equipment, outfit and hero level. This update also provides the 30 Days Growth Package that consists of materials for weapon upgrade and hero level-up.

The Onplay squad-based shooter update also brings in a new set of heroes:

The update also brings in these features:

  • Accessible Auto-Play Button for VIPs
  • NEW Rarity Upgrading System
  • New Preview System for Equipment Information
  • Update Chatting System
  • Fixed Bugs and Errors
  • Fixed Character Move on the Duel

You can download the game for Android here and for iOS here. For more info on the game you can head to the Rogue Life: Squad Goals Fanpage.