Ready Your Smart Phones, Pokemon Go is Coming Next Month and More Details Released During E3

During today’s day 2 of the Nintendo Tree House. We got to see and hear updates about the highly anticipated (by me in the team at least) Pokemon Go. Representatives from Niantic, Game Freak and Nintendo was present during this Tree House.

So here’s a rundown of what we learned.

  • Release date is sometime in July
  • You can still nickname your captured Pokemon
  • Only Kanto Pokemon for now (Red and Blue)
  • Pokemons are related to the areas where they can be found (preserving their nature)
  • Trading is enabled (not on launch)
  • Connectivity with Sun & Moon (eventually)
  • Capturing is a quick time event and would determine a lot on your capture
  • More direct control on the ball throw
  • Pokemon is free to download with in-app purchases (no details yet on what you can purchases)
  • Pokemon Go Plus will be available at the end of July (hopefully)
  • Pokemon Go Plus 34.99 USD (around 1,500 – 2,000 php)
  • Captured Pokemon can evolve
  • Different evolution system – Pokemon candy to evolve and power-up

You can watch the video here: