Puzzle & Dragons Collaborate with Power Rangers Exclusively in North America

GungHo Online Entertainment with Hasbro has announced that free-to-play mobile game, Puzzles & Dragons will be collaborating with Power Rangers where characters from the show can be found in the game up until November 10.

NA players can pull 10 Magic Stone! Power Rangers Egg Machine using in-game currency to get rare characters such as Mighty Morphin Red Ranger, Ninjor, or Zeo Megazord. You can also take on brand new 3-player multiplayer dungeons. Players will also get a Power Rangers Memorial Egg Machine in the mailbox just by logging in during the collaboration.

Players can also take on Power Rangers Special Dungeon during the collaboration period and clearing the dungeon will earn  another Power Rangers Memorial Egg Machine. You can even pull Power Ranger villains Rita Repulsa and Goldar during the period.

Here’s the complete list of characters.

Egg Machine Characters


  • Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
  • Megazord
  • Mighty Morphin Green Ranger
  • Ranger Slayer (Comics)
  • Lord Zedd


  • Mighty Morphin Black Ranger
  • Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger
  • Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger
  • Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger
  • Ninjor
  • Zeo Megazord
  • Zordon

Monster Exchange

  • Zeo Gold Ranger
  • Rita Repulsa
  • Goldar

MP Shop

  • Alpha 5

Assist Evolutions

  • Power Sword
  • Power Sword (Megazord)
  • Dragon Dagger
  • Bow of Darkness (Comics)
  • Power Axe
  • Power Lance
  • Power Bow and Arrow
  • Power Daggers
  • Ninjor’s Sword
  • Zeo Megazord Saber
  • Serpentera


  • Power Rangers Special Dungeon – Battle for Earth
    • Players can clear different “Battle for Earth” floors to obtain Power Coins, which they can trade in for other prizes at the Monster Exchange.
    • Clear the highest difficulty to receive a Power Rangers Memorial Egg Machine.
  • Multiplayer! Power Rangers Collab!
    • 3-Player Multiplayer Dungeon

Egg Machine

  • 10 Magic Stones! Power Rangers Egg Machine
  • Power Rangers Memorial Egg Machine
    • Free to all users who log in.
    • A second one can be obtained by completing the highest difficulty of the Power Rangers Special Dungeon – Battle for Earth.

You can download the game here in the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.