Pre-Registration for Side-Scrolling Brawler Chrono Blade Ongoing

Developer nWay opened the pre-registration sign-ups for side-scrolling beat ’em up game, ChronoBlade. With the release date happening next month for the iOS and Android platforms.

We’ve worked tirelessly on ChronoBlade to create a fiercely competitive PvP experience that cleverly combines modernized beat ‘em up mechanics with the depth of a true console fighting game,

said Taehoon Kim, nWay CEO.

ChronoBlade promises “true” synchronous Players vs. Player battles across major platforms, cellular, and WiFi networks. The game presents players of four completely unique characters , each with it’s own deep move lists, but engaging with a vastly customizable equipment system that makes each PvP battle an intense and unpredictable event.

The game also has a single-player campaign where players must guide their chosen inter dimensional hero through dozens of strange realms within the Multiverse, the vicious reality in which endless versions of Earth exist.

You can head to this link for the pre-registration. You can check out more development for the game here in their official Twitter and Facebook account.