Pre-Registration for All New Gunbound Now Ongoing, Promising Items for Registrants

The pre-registration period for the upcoming all New Gunbound is now ongoing according to the games official fanpage.

Typical to the pre-registration period for the Electronics Extreme, the pre-registration period comes with “rewards” for those who will be partaking it.

Here are the details of the items you can get:

🎁 Every ID that do pre-register will receive all items in the fully launch.

  • Ruby Box 3,000 ea
  • EXP Stone 50 ea
  • JD Piece 10 ea
  • Gold Pile 500,000 ea
  • Silver Key 50 ea
  • Gold Key 50 ea

If the number of registers reaches the specified amount. Receive rewards even more!

🧭 Milestone Reward

  • 20,000 ID Registration get JD Piece 10 ea
  • 40,000 ID Registration get JD Piece 10 ea
  • 60,000 ID Registration get Ruby Box 2,000 ea
  • 80,000 ID Registration get Incubus’s Tiara(M) / Succubus’s Tiara(F) 15 Days
  • 100,000 ID Registration get JD Piece 20 ea

You can now head to the website to pre-register. Also, announcement has released that a stress test of the game will happen at the end of the month.