Paladins has announced the release of the patch OB52 that gives us a new champion to play with and replacing an old game mode with a new one.

The newest champion joining Paladin’s roster is “Zhin the Tyrant”, a flanking sword wielding melee character. You can find out more on the video below.

OB52 also comes with a changed game mode titled, Onslaught Game mode, here are the details for the game mode:

We are excited to introduce the Onslaught Game Mode! Play any of your favorite champions or try someone new in this combat focused arena.

  • Each kill scores the team 5 points, and controlling the large combat zone in the middle of the arena earns 2 points per second
  • The first team to 400 points, or the team with the most points after 10 minutes wins
  • Onslaught will currently replace Survival in the Game Mode Retation.

Aside from the game mode and new champion, new skins are also included in the patch

Viceroy Willow

Replicant Ying

Quicksilver Ying

Bloodmoon Cassie

You can find out more about the patch you can click the link.

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