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Nexon’s Mobile Civilization Game, Civilization: Reign of Power Goes Live this Coming November 29

Nexon has announced that the Massively Multiplayer Online Simulation Life Game, Civilization: Reign of Power will be made available to Asia, Korea and Japan players this coming November 29, 2022.

Civilization: Reign of Power is based on Civilization V of the series. The game incorporates elements from Civilization V such as Great People and the core Victory Conditions (Domination, Science, and Culture). Civilization: Reign of Power features MMO elements through competition between alliances, large-scale PvP battles and seasonal content.

Seo Yong-Seok, the vice director of publishing live department, says,

I think Civilization: Reign of Power has gained popularity because it is the first mobile MMOSLG built upon a popular franchise, Civilizationand offers unique features such as large-scale Alliance PvP content. We will put in our greatest efforts until the release to provide users with the best game experience.

You can check the Civilization: Reign of Power Website for more info here.

Key characteristics of the game

Seasonal large-scale PvP battles between alliances

As seen in the The First Civilization Battle on Mobile slogan, the game combines two genres: MMO and SLG. Players will be introduced to large-scale PvP battles with Civilization: Reign of Power, where they can form Alliances through a diplomatic system and enjoy seasonal field battles via cooperative gameplay. Players can also experience various winning factors depending on the player’s tactics.

Strategic content inherited from Civilization series

The game inherits the Civilization series’ Victory Conditions; Science, Culture, and Domination. Players who achieve the highest points and meet one of the victory conditions will earn a victory trophy for the given season.

For those who haven’t played the game, here’s the list of victories:

  • Domination Victory: The Alliance which has a higher domination point wins
  • Science Victory: The Alliance who launches the largest number of spaceships wins
  • Culture Victory: The Alliance who obtains the largest number of masterpieces and landmarks wins)

The era development of each civilization

Another gameplay element that captures the players’ interest is the concept that each city changes according to the development of the selected civilizations. The civilizations encompass the distant past and future, split into eight eras. The eight eras include Ancient ▶ Classics ▶ Medieval ▶ Renaissance ▶ Industry ▶ Modern ▶ Atomic ▶ Future, and each era is differentiated by unique resource production and science development content.

Leaders and great people who will lead the development

There are 14 civilizations and various historical figures who lead the development of each era. Players can choose one distinctive civilization and develop their territory and alliance through historical leaders.

Great People such as Kim Yu-shin, who were not in the original Civilization series, joins the likes of Newton and Aristotle in the game. Players can collect and awaken Great People who are categorized into “Generals”, “Artists” and “Scientists”, which will be updated according to the season.

Museums, masterpieces, exploration, and mini games.

The game offers Museum content, another differentiating factor from the original Civilization series. The Museum allows players to exhibit famous Great Works. Players can acquire Great Works via mini games (puzzle) during gameplay and display their collections in the museum. Great Works are categorized into “Inventions”, “Art”, “Literature” and “Music”.

In addition, the “Exploration” content allows players to select and combine Great People to enjoy mini battles in various situations.