Monter Hunter Generations Coming This Summer

Yes, you heard that right. In the latest Nintendo Direct, the latest Monster Hunter title is taking a name change for the west as Monster Hunter X will be coming to the western world as Monster Hunter Generations.

Slated for a summer 2016 release, Monster Hunter Generations will practically bring everything you’ve seen in the Monster Hunter X trailer. As you can see in the trailer below, whatever was shown in the X version of the game will come out for Generations.

As an added bonus, it was announced that bonus content will be made available to players who have a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate saved file installed in your unit. As to what it contains however, it is still kept mum.

MH Generations Etc image

Also as another icing to the already awesome cake of Monster Hunter, the first ever collaboration gear will be made available on the release of the game. This one is a collab between MH and Fire Emblem as you can acquire the Marth and Lucina costumes from FE.

And again our wallets will cry by Q2 of 2016 especially for those who are so looking forward to Monster Hunter X *cough* I mean Monster hunter Generations.

MH Generations et 2