Monster Hunter Generations: Village Key Quests Guide by Kiranico

With Monster Hunter Generations coming out just last week, you may be out there looking for a quest guide to unlock the higher tier quests on the village quest given by the Bherna Gal. So here’s the complete list of how to get those quests from ★1 to ★6 courtesy of Kiranico.

Village ★1 Key Quests:

[Village★1] Find the Ferns

  • Main Quest: Deliver 8 Unique Ferns
  • Sub Quest: Deliver 10 Unique Mushrooms

[Village★1] A Fungal Hunt

  • Main Quest: Deliver 5 Abyssal Mushrooms

[Village★1] Wipe Out!

  • Main Quest: Slay 10 Maccao

[Village★1] Another Pack Attack

  • Main Quest: Slay 10 Jaggi

Urgent Quest:[Village★2] Vaulting Outlaw

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Great Maccao

Village ★2 Key Quests:

[Village★2] Rambunctious Rhenoplos

  • Main Quest: Slay 5 Rhenoplos

[Village★2] Gendrome Roadblock

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Gendrome
  • Sub Quest: Slay 5 Genprey

[Village★2] The Land Sharq

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Cephadrome
  • Sub Quest: Mount and topple monster (Cephadrome) twice

[Village★2] Hermit Grab

  • Main Quest: Slay 5 Hermitaurs
  • Sub Quest: Deliver 3 Apceros Livers

Urgent Quest:[Village★3] Tusked Tantrum

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Tetsucabra
  • Sub Quest: Wound Tetsucabra’s jaw

Village ★3 Key Quests:

[Village★3] Stomping Grounds

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Yian Kut-Ku
  • Sub Quest: Deliver 2 Ancient Berries

[Village★3] Crustacean Frustration

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur
  • Sub Quest: Slay 8 Hermitaurs

[Village★3] Tumultuous Sprouts

  • Main Quest: Deliver 8 Abyssal Mushrooms

Note: You need to finish this quest first to open up the other remaining key quests below

[Village★3] The Desert Gourmand

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Nibelsnarf
  • Sub Quest: Wound Nibelsnarf’s front legs

[Village★3] Current Events

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Royal Ludroth
  • Sub Quest: Slay 8 Ludroth

[Village★3] Robbed Blind

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Gypceros
  • Sub Quest: Wound Gypceros’ crest

Urgent Quest:[Village★4] The Nocturnal Enchanter

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Malfestio
  • Sub Quest: Wound Malfestio’s head

Village ★4 Key Quests:

[Village★4] Wrath of the Rathian

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Rathian
  • Sub Quest: Wound Rathian’s head

[Village★4] Hungry Eyes

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Nargacuga
  • Sub Quest: Wound Nargacuga’s wing

[Village★4] Serpentine Samba

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Najarala
  • Sub Quest: Deliver 1 Wyvern Tear

[Village★4] Lurkin’ in the Murk

  • Main Quest: Hunt 2 Khezu
  • Sub Quest: Deliver 1 Wyvern Tear

[Village★4] Crustacean Infatuation

  • Main Quest: Capture a Shogun Ceanataur
  • Sub Quest: Deliver 3 Carapaceon Brains

Urgent Quest:[Village★5] The Dark Age

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Yian Garuga
  • Sub Quest: Deliver 1 Wyvern Tear

Village ★5 Key Quests:

[Village★5] The Thunderclaw Wyvern

  • Main Quest: Hunt an Astalos
  • Sub Quest: Wound Astalos’ crest

[Village★5] The Unwavering Colossus

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Gammoth
  • Sub Quest: Wound Gammoth’s legs

[Village★5] The Entrancing Water Dancer

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Mizutsune
  • Sub Quest: Wound Mizutsune’s head

[Village★5] The Fisherman’s Fiend

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Lagiacrus
  • Sub Quest: Wound Lagiacrus’ head

[Village★5] A King, Robed in Smoke

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Rathalos
  • Sub Quest: Sever Rathalos’ tail

[Village★5] Fight or Uragaan!

  • Main Quest: Hunt an Uragaan
  • Sub Quest: Wound Uragaan’s jaw

Urgent Quest:[Village★6] The Scorching Blade

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Glavenus
  • Sub Quest: Sever Glavenus’ tail

Village ★6 Key Quests:

[Village★6] Dark Wings, Dark Work

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Gore Magala
  • Sub Quest: Wound Gore Magala’s feelers

[Village★6] Tuff Turf

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Zinogre
  • Sub Quest: Wound Zinogre’s back

[Village★6] Tigrex by the Tail

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Tigrex
  • Sub Quest: Mount and topple monster twice

[Village★6] A Thousand Scales of Dread

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Seregios
  • Sub Quest: Deliver 1 Wyvern Tear

[Village★6] Brachydios Mio!

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Brachydios
  • Sub Quest: Sever Brachydios’ tail

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