Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate G-Rank Key Quest Guide

Of course when Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate came out, the G-rank, well uh- rank came out and as per the case would push the envelope for hunters. MHGU‘s G-rank is on four levels and of course it comes with the list of key quests you’d need to unlock them as you go through them. So here’s the G-Rank guide based off from Kiranico‘s key hunter guide, so feel free to read and rank up!

G★1 Key Quests (G1 – G2)

G★1 Pecking Order

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Yian Kut-ku
  • Sub Quest: Slay 8 Hermitaurs

G★1 Lost, But Not for Long

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Gypceros
  • Sub Quest: Wound Gypceros‘ Crest

G★1 Surprise!

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Cephadrome and a Daimyo Hermitaur
  • Sub Quest: Mount and topple monster twice

G★1 Survival of the Biggest

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Giadrome and a Bulldrome
  • Sub Quest: Slay 8 Giaprey

G★1 Water Fight

  • Main Quest: Hunt 2 Royal Ludroth
  • Sub Quest: Slay 8 Ludroth

G★1 Ugent: Dirty Deals

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Barroth
  • Sub Quest: None

G★2 Key Quests (G2 – G3)

G★2 Queen of the Ruined Pinnacle

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Rathian
  • Sub Quest: Wound Rathian‘s back

G★2 Shadows in the Desert Lake

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Plesioth
  • Sub Quest: Slay 8 Genprey

G★2 Not Mushroom to Swing a Congalala

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Congalala
  • Sub Quest: Slay 8 Mosswine

G★2 Feeding Time

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Nerscylla
  • Sub Quest: Break Nerscylla‘s poison spike

G★2 The Next Stage of E-Volvi-lution

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Volvidon and a Great Maccao
  • Sub Quest: Earn 1500 Wycademy Points

G★2 That’s No Rock…

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Basarios
  • Sub Quest: Wound Basarios’s chest

G★2 Ugent: Giant Dragon Invasion

  • Main Quest: Slay a Lao-Shan Lung
  • Sub Quest: None

G★3 Key Quests (G2 – G3)

G★3 Pinnacle Pioneering

  • Main Quest: Hunt an Astalos
  • Sub Quest: Wound Astalos‘s crest

G★3 The Boiling Broiling Desert

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Glavenus
  • Sub Quest: Wound Glavenus‘ head

G★3 Water Kerfuffle

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Mizutsune
  • Sub Quest: Wound Mizutsune‘s top fin

G★3 The Lost Expedition

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Barioth
  • Sub Quest: Wound Barioth‘s head

G★3 Ice Recovery

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Gammoth
  • Sub Quest: Wound Gammoth‘s trunk

G★3 A Certain Gravitas

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Gravios
  • Sub Quest: Wound Gravios’ head

G★3 Ugent: Sky Render

  • Main Quest: Slay a Valstrax or repel it
  • Sub Quest: None

G★4 Key Quests (G2 – G3)

G★4 Beware Twin Horns on the Sand

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Diablos
  • Sub Quest: Break Diablos‘ horns

G★4 Deviljho Hunt

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Deviljho
  • Sub Quest: Sever Deviljho‘s tail

G★4 Tracing the Family Tree

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Tigrex
  • Sub Quest: Break Tigrex‘s claws

G★4 Emergency at the Arctic Ridge!

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Rajang
  • Sub Quest: Wound Rajang‘s tail

G★4 A Very Long Engravement

  • Main Quest: Hunt a Glavenus and a Gravios
  • Sub Quest: Deliver 1 Large Wyvern Tear

G★4 A Titanic Clash

  • Main Quest: Hunt an Agnaktor and a Duramboros
  • Sub Quest: Mount and topple monster twice

G★4 Ugent: Castle on the Run

  • Main Quest: Slay Ahtal-Ka
  • Sub Quest: None