Monster Hunter Generations September DLC Pack

Today we look at the September DLC of Monster Hunter Generations, with it came a list of goodies namely more equipment sets to earn. So first thing’s first here is a list of things to find in the DLC.

  • Star Fox Felyne Gear
  • Strider Hiryu Hunter Gear
  • Link (The Legend of Zelda) Hunter Gear
  • 15 New Quests
  • 14 New Weapons
  • 6 New Complete Armor Sets, and 2 New Standalone Armor Pieces
  • 11 New Felyne Gear Sets
  • 4 bonus Felynes
  • 7 Guild Card Backgrounds
  • 1 Guild Card Pose
  • 25 Guild Card Titles
  • 1 Item Pack: Support Pack 2

Now that you know what is in the DLC I’m going to make a list on which quests contain the special item sets, though from some of the quest names you should probably know what they give.


  • Quest: Star Fox: Battle at Arctic Ridge
    Objective: Hunt a Hyper Blangonga

    • F Blaster
    • F Fox armor Set


  • Quest: Strider: Frozen Mission
    Objective: Hunt a Savage Deviljho

    • Hiryu armor Set
    • Light Sword Cypher(Dual Blades)


  • Quest: Jump: Boiling Magma
    Objective: Hunt a Hyper Lavasioth

    • Pirate armor Set J(Blademaster)
    • Buccaneer armor Set J(Gunner)
    • Pirate Gunlance J(Gunlance)
    • Captain Blade J(Greatsword)
    • Pirate Sword J(Longsword)
    • Pirate Edges J(Dual Blades)
    • Pirate Axe J(Switch Axe)
    • Legendary Anchor J(Hammer)
    • Conviction Glaive J(Insect Glaive)
    • Pirate Cannon J(Heavy Bowgun)


  • Quest: The Three Virtues(Legend of Zelda Quest)
    Objective: Hunt a Gammoth, a Malfestio and a Brachydios

    • Hero’s armor Set(Link Armor Set)
    • Hero’s Sword(Sword and Shield)
    • Hero’s Bow(Bow)


  • Quest: Frost and Fire at USJ
    Objective: Hunt a Gammoth and a Glavenus

    • Star Knight Set
    • Star Knight Sword (Sword and Shield)
    • Twin Star Blades (Dual Blades)
    • F Magical Set(Palico Armor)


  • Quest: Uniqlo Shock Fest
    Objective: Hunt 2 Astalos

    • Dynaqlo armor Set


  • Quest: Ushio & Tora: White Mizutsune
    Objective: Hunt a Hyper Mizutsune

    • Ushio’s Hair(Helmet)
    • Spear of the Beast(Insect Glaive)


  • Quest:Crows: The Black Crows
    Objective: Hunt 2 Yian Garuga

    • Booyah armor Set
    • Biker Jacket
    • F Booyah Set(Palicoes)

So there you have it! You can now get them via the downloads page of the game.