Monster Hunter Generations October Free DLC Pack

Last week was the first Friday of the month of October. And that means that the free DLC pack for Monster Hunter Generations is out and here we have the rundown of what we got from the downloadable content. We have this coming from the Capcom Unity site.

Now, usually our fancy costumes aren’t of the spooky variety—besides the Zombie-kun Felyne—but part of the fun of dressing up is pretending to be your favorite hero; and we already have plenty of those. This month, we add to that list with the exclusive Fire Emblem collaboration gear for your hunters as well as Felyne suits of armor resembling Mega Man and Arthur, from Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

Check out the full list of DLC quests and rewards below, but also keep in mind all the content we dropped in the previous months when you start thinking about your hunting outfit for the end of the month.


Quest: (HIGH) Fire Emblem: Warding Despair
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Silver Rathalos
 Lodestar Set (Blademaster/Gunner: Critical Up +10, Tenderizer +10, Frenzy Res +10/Gunner)
 Falchion (Attack 180, 40 Dragon, +25 Defense)

Quest: (HIGH) Ghosts ‘n Goblins: Seeing Red
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Rathalos
 F Arthur Set

Quest: (HIGH) Mega Man: Yellow Devil
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Royal Ludroth
 F Rushing Hammer, F Mega Set

Quest: (HIGH) Blazing Thunder at USJ
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Astalos and a Hyper Glavenus
 Star Rook Set (Blademaster: Sharpness +10, Loading +10, Guard +15/Gunner: Reload Speed +10, Loading +10, Precision +15)
 Promising / Halcyon / Lucid / Dreamy Sets (High Rank)
 Starlight Axe
 F Star Set

Quest: (HIGH) Dance of Dreams at USJ
Objective: Hunt a Mizutsune and a Malfestio
 Blue Star Set (Blademaster: Constitution +10, Tremor Res +10/Gunner: Constitution +10, Team Player +10)
 Starlight Gate
 F Supreme Set

Quest: (HIGH)
Objective: Hunt 3 Mizutsunes
 Fox Blade
 Fox Select
 Brain Fox
 Platinum Trophy
 Switch Fox
 Charge Fox

Quest: (HIGH) It Would Be a Shame If…
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Shogun Ceanataur


Quest: (LOW) CoroCoro: Lost in the Swamp
Objective: Slay a total of 20 Ceanataurs and Iopreys
 F Zombie-kun Set

Quest: (HIGH) Fan Club: Arena Action
Objective: Hunt an Arzuros, a Lagombi, a Volvidon and a Bulldrome
 F Fan Megaphone, F Meowniac’s Mask, F Fan Top
 F Tenderpaw Clog, F Pep Squad Set

Quest: (HIGH) Too Hot to Handle
Objective: Deliver 2 Powderstones
 F Postman Set


Quest: Event: Slay a Glavenus
Objective: Slay a Glavenus

Quest: Event: Slay a Mizutsune
Objective: Slay a Mizutsune

Quest: Event: Slay a Lagiacrus
Objective: Slay a Lagiacrus

Quest: Event: Slay an Astalos
Objective: Slay an Astalos

Quest: Event: Slay a Gammoth
Objective: Slay a Gammoth


  • 9x Guild Card Titles
  • 1x Guild Card Pose
  • 4x Guild Card Backgrounds1x Pet Costume: Pumpkin PJs


  • Zombie Cat
  • Nekki


  • 99x Honey
  • 20x Mega Potion
  • 20x Mega Demondrug
  • 20x Mega Dash Juice
  • 20x Max Potion
  • 10x Ancient Potion
  • 20x Hunter’s Drink
  • 50x Golden Egg
  • 30x Slickaxe
  • 30x Heavy Armor Sphere

To access the free DLC, load your copy of Monster Hunter Generations and select the Download menu from the start screen and follow the steps to download the DLC pack. After that, load your character and talk to the following NPCs for each type of content:

  • Take on Regular Quests and Prowler Quests from the Wycademy Gal at the Hunters Hub;
  • Take on Challenge Quests from the Arena Instructor at the Hunters Hub;
  • Purchase Extras by using Wycademy Points from the Trader at the Palico Ranch (select “Limited Goods” option);
  • Hire Special Palicoes from the Meowstress, Grandmeow or Grandmyama at all four villages;
  • Claim Item Packs from your Housekeeper (select the “Claim Items” option);