MoKai Adventure Closed Beta Test Sign Up Now Ongoing

With the MoKai Adventure’s CBT coming next month, Werold Studios is now having the sign ups for the test period on this link.

The CBT will only have a few thousand or so. The CBT is expected to happen by the middle of June. Rewards will be given to beta testers who would be able to achieve the conditions the CBT period would have on the game’s commercial release.

Here’s a short overview of the game features you’d expect for MoKai Adventure:

MoKai Adventure is a FREE to play mobile game where players can collect over 150 MoKai, each of which can be freely raised, and experience the comradeship developed during battles.

Players will go through many storylines to face danger and difficulty together with MoKai.

MoKai Adventure Game Overview

MoKai Adventure leads players to experience different battle from the other monster games. During the battle, players need to use MoKai of restriction property to add damage when attacking and switch places of MoKai to boost additional abilities or remove the debuff.

MoKai Adventure Overview 1

Every MoKai has its own Ultimate Ability, it can only be used when RAGE is full. Through the use of Ultimate Ability, players can turn the tide of the battle.

MoKai Adventure Game Overview 2

You can check the fanpage for news and updates or check into the MoKai Adventure Philippines Community.