Disgaea Characters Coming to The Alchemist Code

What are the games that come to mind when you think a Strategy RPG? well for me there are a few; Alchemist Code, Final Fantasy Tactics, and even Disgaea. Well if you haven’t gathered from the title, Disgaea will be crossing over into the world of The Alchemist Code. That’s right, you’ll be seeing some of your favorite characters like Laharl, Etna, and even those adorable doods, the Prinnies.

This collaboration however won’t last forever so get your favorite characters now while they are still there. It will be from September 6 up to October 3, giving us about a month to gather them such as, Killia, Seraphina, Red Magnus, Laharl, Etnaget a chance as well to summon some of the Alchemist Code Characters (Rin, Rosa, Almira) in the art style of Disgaea.

Killia, Seraphina, Red Magnus, Laharl, and Etna
Rin, Rosa, and Almira

Log in anytime during the event to get the adorable Usalia for free! Additionally, play through the collaboration quests to earn Prinny shards to summon the lovable Prinny into your team.

Unlock their world-destroying Master Abilities by equipping them with their Gear of choice like Killia’s Muspell, Seraphina’s Brunhilde, Red Magnus’ Demon Club, Laharl’s Overlord’s Sword, Etna’s Elder Spear, Usalia’s Golden Mallet, or even the Prinny’s mighty Prinny Sword.

Usalia and Prinny!

There will also be 2 special quests, one involving Usalia, and the other the Prinny.

Veda Tower X Item World Collaboration

For a limited time only, get to explore and climb Disgaea’s famous Item World in The Alchemist Code’s Veda Tower. A special Veda Tower with totally new 100 Floors to complete and master! Clear the first floor of Item World and obtain the event-only gear Trapezohedron! A treasured item that raises all of a unit’s stats and MOVE for 3 turns – worth adding to your collection. Earn Demonic Coins as you ascend the tower and exchange them for items at the Event Shop.

To commemorate this, The Alchemist Code team have invited Takehisa MatsudaDirector of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, for an interview. The team asked him about his thoughts regarding The Disgaea franchise, the ongoing The Alchemist Code and Disgaea collaboration, and the Strategic RPG genre as a whole. Click here to read the full interview