Kritika Online Radiant Shiny Pandora Key Giveaway

Hello guys! We were given codes to be given away to our readers for Kritika Online SEA. We have a total of 49 keys up for grabs. The keys will provide ten Radiant Shiny Pandora Keys for those who will redeem them. Here’s how to join the giveaway.

You need to just do the ff. things:

  1. Like the DAGeeks fanpage
  2. Follow the DAGeeks fanpage
  3. Join the #GeekTalk group
  4. Leave a comment what’s your favorite class in Kritika Online SEA? at the Kritika Online Giveaway post on #GeekTalk
  5. Leave a comment on the FB post that you sent your reply on the DAGeeks fanpage

We’ll be giving the codes to every person who leaves a comment. Also, please do note that make sure you liked the fanpage. We will be sending via PM the code through the fanpage!

Here’s the guide on how to redeem the codes.