IMC Games Finally Releases TP Bundles For Tree of Savior

Yes you read it right! We finally have the TP bundles we were waiting for for Tree of Savior. As they promised on an earlier post. The TP Bundles come in 100/300/500 TP variants.

TP Bundles

Regional pricing is in effect as you can see that the above pricing is pretty much on a light side for us here in the Philippines. So head on to the Steam store to purchase your TP. I know you want to!

Also, the current bundles are under request from being taken out so hooray for us!

Here’s the complete announcement:

Greetings Saviors!

We are pleased to announce that you may now obtain TP bundles via the Steam Inventory Store. We will also be requesting Valve to take down the current DLC products from the store as they were acting as a stop-gap measure before the TP bundles became available.

There are 4 different products for each region, 100TP / 300TP / 500TP / 900TP, and are priced accordingly to which region they are for.

You will be able to purchase the TP bundles at the Steam Inventory Store. You will then have to receive them in-game by clicking the TP button and ‘using’ the item. Please be careful since you will no longer be able to refund the items after receiving them in-game.

Please refer to the image below for more details.
You can access the store via this link :


[Important – Please read carefully]

  1. Each product will be released in four different versions, one specific to each region (NA, EU, SEA, SA). Each product will be redeemable only in its corresponding region (e.g. EU-exclusive TP bundles can only be redeemed in [EU] Fedimian).
  2. In regions with more than one server, each product can only be redeemed in one of the region’s servers (e.g. players in the NA region can purchase a TP bundle and redeem it only in either Klaipeda or Orsha).