High Tide Arrives in Total War Pharaoh - Unleash the Fury of the Sea Peoples This January 26 Header Image

High Tide Arrives in Total War: Pharaoh – Unleash the Fury of the Sea Peoples This January 26

Brace yourselves for the storm as SEGA and The Creative Assembly unleash the High Tide update for Total War: PHARAOH, bringing the ferocious Sea Peoples to the shores of Egypt! This free update introduces two new playable factions, each with unique leaders, campaign mechanics, units, and gods to command. Are you ready to rewrite history and conquer the ancient world?

Embrace the Chaos of the Bronze Age Collapse

The Sea Peoples are warring nomads who exploit the turmoil of the Bronze Age Collapse. As empires crumble and chaos reigns, they arrive on the scene, raiding, conquering, and rewriting the rules of war. Lead the Sherden or the Peleset, each with their own distinct playstyles and goals:

Lead the Ruthless Sherden:

  • Iolaos, the young and ambitious leader, seeks to blaze a path of destruction and glory.
  • Nomadic gameplay: Conquer and raze cities to fuel your war machine.
  • Spoils of War: Collect resources from the ashes of your enemies.
  • Nuraghe Camps: Fortify your armies on the move.
  • Eminence: Dominate other Sea Peoples tribes and expand your horde.
  • New Units: Nuraghe Warriors, Harpooneers, Sherden Archers.

Forge a New Peleset Empire:

  • Walwetes, the seasoned patriarch, leads his people in search of a new homeland.
  • Hybrid gameplay: Combine nomadic raiding with city-building.
  • Oxen Carts: Versatile chariots delivering shock troops.
  • Peleset Marines: Javelin-wielding warriors for ranged and close combat.
  • Peleset Raiders: Elite infantry for swift and deadly attacks.

Unleash the Fury:

  • Command a diverse roster of new units, each with unique abilities and strengths.
  • Master innovative campaign mechanics that reward aggression and strategic expansion.
  • Worship powerful Sea Peoples gods for devastating blessings and boons.
  • Carve your own path through a dynamic and unpredictable campaign map.

High Tide is a free update for all Total War: PHARAOH owners. Download it today and experience the thrilling chaos of the Sea Peoples!