Heroes Unleashed Pre-Registration Now Ongoing

There’s another mobile FPS game coming around the corner as Heroes Unleashed is starting it’s pre-registration period.

Heroes Unleashed is an FPS MOBA hybrid where you get to play with four roles, the offense, defense, tank, and support. Each roles comes with “unique” heroes that you can use to form parties of five to strategize, battle it out, and win.

The game has game modes which are:

  • Escort Mission
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag

The game is going to be released this coming June 14, 2018 and is currently awarding those who pre-registered with premium items, permanent heroes, and more in-game items. The game will be available for the iOS and Android platforms.

You can pre-register here, which doubles as the game’s site and fanpage.