Hearthstone Elite Series Goes to the Philippines

The coronavirus pandemic affected events worldwide, and with the recent announcement that DreamHack Montreal has been postponed to 2021, Masters Tour Montreal, thanks to technology, will be an online-only event. Players who want to earn an invite will be able to sign up for the Masters Tour Online: Montreal Qualifiers. Invited players will compete for their of the whopping $3,000,000 total prize purse at the comfort and safety of their own homes.

If you want to snag an invite to the Masters Tour Online: Montreal, here are some pathways to glory:

  • Win one of 90 online Masters Qualifiers between June 4 and July 26 on Battlefy.
  • Finish with at least a 7-2 record at Masters Tour Online: Jönköping and Masters Tour Online: Asia-Pacific.
  • Place within the Top 8 of a Masters Qualifier for Masters Tour Online: Montreal 5 times.
  • Place top 16 Legend on the in-game Ladder in the months of June and July.
  • Be a Hearthstone Grandmaster.

There will also be local events in different regions of the globe.

And for Hearthstone players in the Philippines, the Elite Series comes onshore. The Hearthstone Elite Series tournament period starts from May 23 to July 26 with a total prize pool of ₱30,000 in cash, 122 Hearthstone card packs with an estimated value of USD224, a year’s supply of Indomie noodles and the 2 winners will be invited to the Hearthstone Masters Tour in Montreal on September 11 to 14 for a share of the bigger prize pool.

This is open to Filipino citizens who are residing in the Philippines during the event period.

Here’s a schedule of the event for reference:

QUALIFIERS – starts at 2:00 PM PHT

Qualifiers Links Date and Time
Qualifier 1 bit.ly/ESPQual01 May 23, 2020
Qualifier 2 bit.ly/ESPQual02 May 27, 2020
Qualifier 3 bit.ly/ESPQual03 May 30, 2020
Qualifier 4 bit.ly/ESPQual04 June 3, 2020

GROUP STAGE –  starts at 11:00AM PHT

Group Schedule Date and Time
Group A + B  (Opening Match) June 18, 2020
Group A + B (Loser & Winner Match) June 19, 2020
Group A + B (Decider Match) June 26, 2020
Group C + D (Opening Match) June 27, 2020
Group C + D (Loser & Winner Match) July 04, 2020
Group C + D (Decider Match) July 05, 2020

FINALS – starts at 11:00AM PHT

Finals Schedule Date and Time
Finals Day 1 (Quarterfinals) July 25, 2020
Finals Day 2 (Semifinals + Finals) July 26, 2020

You can follow AKG Games Philippines for more information on the Hearthstone Elite Series.