Getting into the Tech Industry When You Already Work Full-Time

The tech industry is fast growing and shows no signs of slowing down, so it’s no wonder that so many people want to work in various tech roles. The problem is, if you already have a full-time job, or other commitments like children or voluntary work, getting into tech can be tough.

You may not have time to do a computer science degree or internships with long hours.

Luckily, there are routes into tech for those seeking a second career, so here are some things you might want to try.

Research suitable careers

Tech covers a large range of jobs, so it’s worth doing some research and narrowing down what you want to do. This will help you work out exactly which qualifications you need and how long they’ll take to achieve. Some people want to know the best paying tech careers, or the ones that’ll give them the ability to work remotely or offer flexible hours.

Study in your spare time

No matter what level of education you currently are at, there are lots of options for you to study and enhance your skills. Some of the best tech courses can be done online, so you can fit studying around work and other commitments. Even if you haven’t studied IT or anything computer related before, there are still options for you.

For example, you could work towards gaining a certificate in information technology, which allows people with non-related degrees to get into an entry and mid-level tech roles in around 18 months.


There are lots of ways to meet others in the tech industry:

  • Go to big conferences and events and attend talks – not only will you learn a lot about the industry, but you’ll also have a chance to meet people
  • Local groups – many towns have groups for freelancers or small business owners in tech, so in this, you can meet with decision-makers
  • Facebook groups – if you don’t have many events in your town, join some Facebook groups and chat to others in the industry
  • Through internships – while you may not be doing long internships, as they are difficult to fit around your work, if you are doing some part-time IT work, then make the most of it by making contacts

There are plenty of articles online that give you tips for networking efficiently, and making these connections can be an excellent way to get into entry-level roles. You’d be surprised by just how many roles are filled through networking connections, rather than being advertised online.

Career changes can be tough, as you have a lot more commitments and responsibilities than when you were fresh out of college. While tech is a competitive industry, it is one that it’s possible to get into, even if you are already busy with a full-time job. By finding ways to study and work in your spare time, and being tenacious when it comes to networking, you can move into a coveted tech role.