GCA Global Games Expo II, the start of the future

Last Tuesday, November 6, 2018 we had the privilege of being invited to cover the GCA Global Games Expo II by Gyeonggi Content Agency (GCA) and Elite Games Inc., where the aim of the event is to promote the industry of game development here in the Philippines

The partnership aims to introduce and promote Philippine developers and developed games in South Korea.

Elite Games Inc., will provide regional publishing services for South Korean games which provides bilateral exchange of business, expertise and technology between South Korea, the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia. The Bilateral exchange between the Korea and the Southeast Asian Region also aims to help local educational institutions mold the future of the gaming industry by adapting to the ever changing needs of the industry and its player base. The aim is to create an ecosystem of young professionals, ready to usher in Southeast Asia, specifically the Philippines, as a global leader and hub of the global gaming industry.

Now why the Philippines? well as it is, the Philippines is one of the most social media engaged countries, as well as our background in using English as a second language, makes it easy for developers from different regions to have an equal chance at success.

With that said I’d like to talk about the games. A lot of them, in my opinion, were well made, but the drawback being only a handful of them were on the playstore, which makes the games hard to promote if the people can’t share it with their friends. The biggest hit in the expo being Garbage day was quite a surprise considering some of the other booths they were with. Using a gameplay mechanic similar to the hit, Angry Birds, players would throw the trash in the bins, if it went down a pipe you go down a level.

Crown Masters is another game i liked, its a 2D side scrolling tower defense game very similar to Clash Royale, the difference being you have to find and kill the opposing player’s king in one of the lanes to win. 

Spirit Clash: Arena League, with its well designed characters isn’t just a pretty face. It features a turn-based strategy where players take turns summoning units to the field. This game isn’t just about brute strength, but strategy strategy as well, to find an effective way to counter and win against an opponent.

This next game I’ve heard was said to be similar to game already on the market called Azur Lane. Stella Maiden is a Casual Arcade RPG that will surely immerse in its literal out of this world gameplay. The game is set in space where using your Reflectstars you wage war with other players in intergalactic warfare. You will be joined by beautifully drawn maidens/waifus that will not just pump your adrenaline in saving the galaxy, but also your heart. 

Tap tales, is a fast paced, idle game. The best part? is that its not just a simple level them up type of game, but there is strategy in it, like equipment, or even party line up to positioning as well.

you like dogs? what about cars? explosions? guns? giant monsters? this game has all those and probably more. Humvee Dogs, or if you saw the tarp Dogs’ Humvee is a fast paced action game where you must survive for as long as you can by steering the car from danger using the steering wheel, all while your other dog friends shoot and destroy all that chase you. Challenge your skills as you embark the journey of saving the world together with Humvee Dogs. 

Zombies is such a popular genre of games, and this game follows that same trend. Last Island, is a PC game similar to Enter the Gungeon where players explore the last island in which I’m assuming they are looking for a cure(the game was in Korean so i’m not sure). Terminate cluster of zombies outside of your safe bunker, complete missions while you are being chased by different types of zombies. Challenge yourself and be fully immersed with action packed gameplay in this 16bit PC Classic Action zombie apocalyptic game.