Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Partners Up with Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Popular mobile RPGs Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Star Ocean: Anamnesis have teamed up to offer players a variety of new content, until February 7, 2019, including a new unit and a limited-time only event.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius players can look forward to new content including, Sophia, a brand-new 5-7 star global original unit, as their latest featured summon character. Fayt and Rena can now be awakened to 7-star, while Fidel and Roddick make another appearance in the game as featured summons, and Reimi is also available as a raid summon. Last year’s raid event returns, where players can battle against Jie Revorse from the original Star Ocean game to obtain raid points and unlock various rewards.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis will be running a limited-time event with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as well. Players will have plenty to expect, including a special login bonus of 10,000 Gems, and appearances by new characters like Rain, Fina, and Lasswell from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Star Ocean: Anamnesis are free to download through the App Store(FFBE, SO:A), Google Play(FFBE, SO:A) and the Amazon App store(FFBE only).