Felfire Festival is Opening Up in Hearthstone Today

Travelers! The fieriest time of the year for Hearthstone is upon us. Mark your calendars and bring out your decks as the Felfire Festival brings you the greatest hits of the Outland. Starting June 10, events, rewards, a huge Battlegrounds update and a FREE 5-chapter Trial by Felfire Solo Adventure awaits!

Trial by Felfire Solo Adventure

Join Aranna Starseeker and her merry band of misfit outcasts as they battle the Rusted Legion of Mecha-Jaraxxus in this Solo Adventure. All 5 chapters will be free and will be available starting June 18.

Fel-infused Rewards

Week 2 gives you a legendary quest chain that will let you earn free card packs from Year of the Dragon and Ashes of Outland expansions. Finish the Solo Adventure to earn the Rusted Legion card back and complete the Trial by Felfire Challenges to attain the Golden Kael’thas legendary card.

Arr, Pirates be raidin’ the Battlegrounds

An update to the Battlegrounds game mode brings the Pirate minion class to the Battlegrounds. Dominate the field with 17 new minions and a host of new and reworked heroes, including Trial by Felfire‘s own Aranna Starseeker.

Outlandish Tavern Brawls

The innkeeper won’t miss out on the festivities as starting on June 25, special Tavern Brawls will be available like the Outlandish Burndown, an update of the Ragnaros-hosted fan-favorite where players battle it out with randomly-generated decks. You can also participate in the Rumbledome on July 2 where players pick an Outland baddie as a henchman and fight it out to the finish for a spot in Mecha-Jaraxxus’ Rusted Legion

Aranna Starseeker Bundle

Available from June 18 to July 8, this value pack includes the Aranna Starseeker Demon Hunter Hero, 20 Ashes of Outland packs and the Aranna card back.

Here’s a calendar of the Felfire Festival for your reference.