Fantasy Squad Announces Latest Event, Cave of Memory

The latest update for Fantasy Squad is up and lets players win in-game prizes that are worth around 1,000 USDĀ along with the release of the latest map in-game, the Cave of Memory.

Here’s the rundown of latest release:

  • 12 new heroes
  • New [Resist] addded to new heroes and also other some heroes.
  • The resist skill is immune to all condition change (Stun, Freeze, Silence, Blind, Seduce, ATK Down, DEF Down, Critical Down) for a set amount of time.
  • Changes in Skill Balance!
  • Upgraded or Changed Hero’s skill, some heroes get new skill
  • Ascend system for [Stein/Elisha]
    • Using Crystal Eloring to Ascend [Stein/Elisha] will now raise their level cap by 2.
    • If already used Crystal Eloring to Ascend Stein or Elisha, the system will detect how much you used and automatically patch them. For example let’s say you raised Elisha’s level cap to 34, the system will automatically adjust her level depending on how many Crystal Eloring you used. In this case you used 4, it will be patched and her level cap will now be 38.
    • If you previously used more than 5 Crystal Eloring to raise Stein or Elisha’s level cap the Over-Used Crystal Eloring Amount will be refunded and sent to the mailbox.

The usual events come into play such as purchasing events and tagging your friends with #FantasySquad

For more info, you can check out the Fantasy Squad fanpage. You can download the game for the Android/iOS.