While it seems like this is the season where old games are getting the second wind (looking at you SF Online) and if you haven’t been paying much attention to the game news lately, it seems that Ragnarok Online is ALSO getting it’s second wind with the return of the game to the Philippines.

Last week, we were given the opportunity to sit down with the people from Electronics Extreme (publisher) and Elite GSL (Operations) And get the all needed information on what’s going to be expected from the game’s return. So before you head out and register here are the things we found out about the comeback of Ragnarok Online.

  1. Game is Free to Win (which means, it’s free to play with item mall, but all items can be earned in-game as drops)
  2. CBT will start on the middle of June
  3. CBT registration is now ongoing (head to this site to register)
  4. CBT servers are Thor and Loki (so choose between the two brothers)
  5. The game version will be Revo-Classic (more details will be elaborated below)
  6. Job class will start on 2-1 (meaning, the 2nd jobs are locked to Knights, Assassins, Priests and Wizards)
  7. Class 2-2 will be released within the 6 months after the game is released (meaning, you can eventually start with your Crusaders, Sages, Bards/Dancers, Alchemists, Rogues and Monks)
  8. The high classes will be released in the next 1-2 years (so there’s enough time to beef up the base jobs by then)
  9. Mobs will be returned to their “original” locations (meaning, the classic location of monsters)
  10. The game will now ignore level difference between player and monster mobs (this one I’d credit to ProtoX from 2p.com). This detail was the one I ignored, but actually serves as the biggest most important change to the game. This means that players can farm mobs without worrying about the level difference anymore in affecting the EXP gain from the monster you are killing.
  11. Elite GSL and Extreme Gaming promises bot free experience
  12. While botting has been touted as beaten, you can run up to 5 clients at the same time (I still don’t get why this is bad as people have been complaining, to those reading this please leave a comment so maybe I can understand better)
  13. As part of the Revo-Classic system, Morroc is back
  14. A large part of the map is open, Lutie, Louyang, Amatsu to name a few.
  15. Guild Wars will be released after the first three weeks
  16. Touts no IMBA item cash item
  17. There’s going to be a return to the Ragnarok World Championships

So far, that’s what we have right now, if I missed anything, feel free to reply to this post so I can change/update it accordingly!


8 Responses

  1. Rene Mikhael Bajaro Resurrecci

    Well, definitely if you can run multiple clients, you can have a support priest you can use alt-tabbing. Just sitting around in a hidden spot, mobs will find a hard time accessing because of simple path finding. Not sure why that’s a bad thing yet.

    • Rene Mikhael Bajaro Resurrecci

      Maybe there’s an angle about it I don’t see yet too. hehe

      • Vincent Haoson

        This is taken from the fanpage:

        “Ang sabi kasi ng mga pinoy na naglalaro sa ThaiRo. Maraming portals ang may mga nakatambay na Priest na hindi makausap dahil nga dun.. Eh kung sa pinas na iyan, baka hindi na madaanan mga portals.Tsaka, madami magbebenta ng accounts. Ayun ang observation nila.”

        So the fear of ruining portals and selling of accounts daw. But then account selling has been rampant even on other MMOs so I don’t think that’s a valid reason The first one though is something that can be considered

      • Rene Mikhael Bajaro Resurrecci

        aaah Real Money Trading. Onga naman… Good observation nga… Yeah, that can actually ruin the game’s virtual economy. Transactions are settled without zeny moving around. But it can be managed as long as people buy items from NPC’s… Here’s to hoping for the best Kuya Vince! 😀

  2. Reisha

    Botting is the least of your worries. What you should worry about are corrupt GM’s running the game.

    • Vincent Haoson

      They have mentioned that the old guard is gone. And Elite GSL mentioned that they have a more stringent rules for GM.

      Plus (I forgot to add) that the GMs wont have access to items this time around so hindi na sila magbebenta ng items like before.

      • Reisha

        If there is a will, there is a way. Corruption has been a part of Filipino culture for over 50 years. This time would be no different.

      • Vincent Haoson

        In as much as I agree with the “there’s a will and there’s a way” statement, I’d know/believe that corruption isn’t monopolized by Filipinos as almost all cultures (in games) are corrupted one way or another.

        And there have been tons of cases that Filipinos (in general) have gone against the mold of the “corrupt stereotype”. I choose to believe that and not be too focused on the sins of the past. 😀

        Of course you can (and I’m sensing that you are) agree to disagree. 😀

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