Beware the Assassin, the Newest Class for Perfect World VNG

The Assassin is slowly approaching. This November 5, 2020, Perfect World VNG will get its next update that includes the newest class, Assassin.

Assassins as most know from the name, are specialists in 1-on-1 combat. Designed to deal massive amounts of damage. They have two combat stances: Invisible and Visible that give different effects to their skills. To switch between these 2 stances, they have the Shadow Walk, which can also be used in the middle of a fight.

Perfect World VNG - Assassin screenshot

Their role in a team is simply to pick off the squishier enemies like mages or healers. They do this by using their invisibility to sneak behind and take them out without the others knowing. Of course, this is also a very risky play as they are also squishy. So the general playstyle is to hit and run.

Perfect World VNG - Assassin screenshot 2

The debut of Assassin will make a big impact in Perfect World, bringing many unique playstyle and surprises. Moreover, Perfect World VNG also brings many other changes in this upcoming update: new map effect, new Skin, new Sackā€¦ To learn more about this new class you can visit the official website of Perfect World VNG.

You can download the game before the class comes out here for Google Play and here for the iOS App Store.