BattleCON Online Launched Last August

Level 99 Games has just announced that they will be launching the digital release of BattleCON Online this last Friday August 31, 2018. In anticipation of that day they are also giving previews of the characters on their blog. So far as of Aug 29, they have shown previews for their Brawlers and Heavies.

BattleCON online is the digital port of the popular tabletop game by Level 99 Games. Players will choose fighters, and engage in 1v1 combat much like Street Fighter, and Tekken. Players will try to predict their opponents moves and adjust accordingly using a combination of special, and basic attack cards, creating a unique moveset for each fighter.

BattleCON online offers the same fun game, on a much easier to learn platform. Players will no longer have to think how their actions resolve, since the game itself will do everything for you. The game will also be featuring 2 new fighters to the game, Seven and Riflam, and will be rolling out more characters in the future as well.