Barangay 143: Street League Taking Part in Busan International Festival

Showcasing their talents through the Barangay 143: Street League game, Synergy88 is flying to Busan International Connect Festival (BIC Fest)

BIC Fest is Korea’s annual independent games conference which started in 2015. It gives the developers, media, and publishers the chance to interact, to discuss, and to evaluate ideas from conference sessions and display of games.

The Barangay 143: Street League app presents and revolves around the struggles and story of a former basketball superstar son on his way to becoming another. This means that aside from being the first story-based mobile game by Filipinos for Filipinos, it is also the first game that gives a glimpse of community life in the Philippines.

The mobile app is being produced and developed by the digital services studio Synergy88 Digital Inc., a local company specializing in 2D and 3D art, video games, animation, publishing, and marketing. They are also the Philippines’ first and Microsoft-certified development studio. They have also done art assets for the DLC of the multi-awarded game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood and Wine.