Animal Crossing New Horizon New Updates

With the release of the recent update video, I thought I’d break it down for those of us who can’t watch these videos properly or what these updates could mean down the line.

Leif and new decorative item, bushes

Leif the sloth has brought his garden shop with him, for Nature day. Players will be able to buy flowers, and most importantly bushes. Bushes will come in different colors of different flower types. So far the only thing shown was the Azalea and the olive bush.

Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler & Artworks

Redd is making a return on his ship filled with treasure, and precious artwork. The ship can be found in the rear area of the island along the hidden beach everyone gets. Here players can purchase Artworks based on real-life artworks, which you can use to bring up the class in your home.

Museum Upgrade (Art Gallery)

Just like any museum, Blathers will make space for any artwork donations you provide.

Nature Day (4/23 – 5/4)

In celebration of Earth day, Animal Crossing will be having their own counterpart, Nature day. There will be Nature day Nook Miles+ activities, which will be at a x5 rate to encourage everyone to celebrate Nature Day.

May Day (5/1 – 5/7)

Players will be able to use an event exclusive May Day Ticket, to go on the May Day Tour of what looked to be a hedge maze filled with goodies.

International Museum Day (5/18 – 5/31)

There will be a stamp rally within the Museum, the more stamps you collect the better your rewards.

Wedding Season (6/1 – 6/30)

Arrange anniversary photos for returning characters, Reese and Cyrus.